Schramm Carpet Cleaning Provide Excellent Commercial Cleaning Services

A well-planned commerical cleaning maintenance program

Can extend the life of your carpet, furniture, wall panels, and cubicle panels,
Will give them a consistent pleasing appearance,
Will help keep your employees healthier.

Given the cost of furnishing an office, it makes sense to try in every way possible to extend the life of the investment. Regular cleaning is one way to extend the life of your textiles. The cost of redecorating far exceeds a regular cleaning schedule, so a maintenance program will actually save your business money.

In a commercial atmosphere, carpet and furniture receive excessive use. Cleaning office items regularly can help keep them looking new and bright. A maintenance program can maintain the consistent great appearance of your office carpet and furnishings.

Another important consideration should be the health of your employees. Indoor air is 5-10 times more polluted than outside air. Your textiles trap and hold pollutants and soil. If they are cleaned on a regular schedule they will continue to act as filters and not as a source of contamination. A good maintenance program will provide cleaner air for employees.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Schramm Carpet cleaning has been providing quality commerical carpet cleaning for over 19 years. Schramm Carpet cleaning can turn a facility-management headache into a hassle-free experience by committing to the highest level of service for our customers. Our carpet cleaning includes "hot-water extraction", the method recommended by most major carpet fiber manufacturers. We will move all furniture and desk pads before cleaning. After the carpet cleaning, you may want to have our technicians apply advanced carpet protection to make your carpet less absorbent to spills and soiling. Schramm Carpet cleaning technicians are available days, evenings, and/or weekends, so that there will be no disruptions to your company during the cleaning process. We are also available 24 hours a day for those unexpected emergencies!

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Area Rug Cleaning

Schramm Carpet Cleaning is the only cleaner in Missouri with equipment specifically designed for cleaning and drying Oriental and other area rugs. Our technicians will assess your rug and determine the safest cleaning method to ensure that the quality of your rug is maintained. We also offer advanced carpet protection, anti-moth treatment, and deodorization.

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Furniture and Upholstery Cleaningschramm-carpet-cleaning-upholstery-cleaning

Schramm Carpet Cleaning can clean all types of fabrics, including "dry clean only" and other special-care fabrics. Our technicians will pre-inspect each piece of furniture to determine what is the best of 5 different cleaning methods to use. Schramm Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis offers high level of expertise in caring for your expensive upholstered furniture. Scheduled furniture maintenance saves money and lengthens the life of the furniture.

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Cubicle Panels and Wall Fabric Cleaning

schramm-carpet-cleaning-cubic-panels-cleaningWhile many businesses have their carpet cleaned on a regular basis, that may not be the case with their cubicle panels and wall fabric. These items will hold just as much soil and dust as your carpet, so they should also be cleaned on a regular schedule. If they are kept clean, they can act as filters and not a source for contaminants in the office. Schramm Carpet Cleaning keeps your office cubicle panels and wall fabric fresh as new.

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