Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Cleaning Method Schramm Carpet Cleaning Use?

Schramm Carpet Cleaning uses a "hot water extraction"method to clean your carpet. The first part of this method consists of using a gentle detergent mixed with hot water to shampoo your carpet. The second part is a hot water extraction, which frees the carpet of soil all the way down to the bottom of the fibers and removes all the detergent. This is the method recommended by all the major carpet manufactures.

Will wet cleaning my carpet attract soil faster?

No! When you rinse the carpet with hot water after shampooing, it removes all residue that would attract soil.

How long do I have to stay off the carpet after it is cleaned?

It is best to stay off the carpet as much as possible until it is dry, especially for the first 4 hours. If you must walk on it, wear clean-soled slippers or house shoes. This helps prevent crushing of the pile and re-soiling.

How can I keep my carpet looking new as long as possible?

The best thing you can do for your carpet is to vacuum it regularly, have walk-off mats at each entrance, and have it cleaned with a "hot water extraction" method at least once a year.

What are the benefits of applying a carpet protector?

It helps the carpet resists soil, spills will clean up easier, and it helps your carpet, rugs, and furniture look cleaner longer, even after heavy use.

What type of cleaning method can be used to clean furniture?

A combination of cleaning methods are used for furniture cleaning. A wet or dry method may be used. It depends on the recommendation of the manufacturer of the furniture, and the skill of the technician.

Can Schramm Carpet Cleaning get urine stains out of my carpet or funiture?

There are two types of reactions that can take place between the chemicals in an animal’s urine and those in the dyes and fibers of your textiles. The first type of reaction is immediately noticeable. Some dyes can change color as soon as urine comes in contact with them. Often the original color can be restored by immediate application of the standard ammonia solution (see cleaning tips). The other reaction develops slowly over several days to several months and can result in permanent changes to the dyes and fabrics.


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